Sunday, March 25, 2007

Team Of Professionals On Call For Takeover Bid

Since the summer of last year, the MCFC Supporters Trust Working Party has spoken to and met many professional people and organisations who are very willing and available to help the trust going forward. We recognise that when we are unable to handle something ourselves, then we must have experience and expertise available to us who can. Wherever possible we have tried to utilise Manchester City supporting people/ organisations.

As the formation of the trust has gathered pace we have continued to evaluate our own capabilities and expand this wherever possible. We want to ensure that the trust is proactive and more than capable of handling any issue that may arise. The working party already has much experience/ expertise but we are always keen to add more. The recent appointment of a commercial lawyer with over 20 years experience is evidence of that. Outside the main group we currently have access to lawyers, accountants, bankers, investment managers, football industry professionals and even a QC and we will continue to expand this list.

If a formal takeover bid is made for Manchester City, shareholders and other fans will want to know what the implications are and whether it is in the club’s best interests. We are confident that the team we have assembled will be able to answer many of the questions that arise.

If you have experience and expertise which you would like to offer the Working Party then please contact us on and we will speak to you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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