Friday, September 22, 2006

David Conn

I would like to thank SoulboyFTR, who posts on Manchesteronline, for telling me to seek out David Conn. I managed to track him down and exchange a few e-mails with him. He's a very busy man and at first I think he was trying to suss out that me & my fellow fans' intentions were honourable! I have now almost finished reading his book The Beautiful Game? Searching For The Soul Of Football and what a book! If you are seriously interested in what a Supporter's Trust is about and can achieve read that book. Recently I have exchanged a few more e-mails with David and informed him what we are trying to achieve and given him a little more insight into what we plan to do in the future. He has been very helpful and a big thank you. David is now happy to say that he is "supportive of our aims". I will continue to speak to David as we drive forward and have been cheeky enough to ask him if he would speak at our open meeting if time allows! Thank you David for inspiring me.


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